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Go crazy with your icing and create a wonderful story on each individual serving. By Dipti Mongia
  • Baby soft cupcakes in honour of the little bundle about to arrive. Mama-to-Be will definately go loopy when she sees these.
  • Yummy, decadent, chocolate cupcakes that are festive and will dress up your table every time.
  • There are a thousand ways to say I Love You! This one is simply delicious.
  • No more hunting for easter eggs. They are right there on your cupcake.
  • The New Year is just around the corner. Add this celebratory cupcake to your list of gifting ideas and party favours.
  • Hosting a sixties or seventies party? Complete the look with this psychadelic cupcake.
  • Surprise the family with an edible christmas tree this year. Get cupcake holders and add these to your tree as treats.
  • This one is for the boys in the family. Complete the party theme with this fun cupcake.
  • It need not always be about the beer. Score a huge goal with this little delight.
  • For those of us who have no snow or snowmen this is the nicest way to bring it in. Add it to the children's winter party menu.
  • One of my favourite Christmas decorations is the holly. Your place setting needs no more adornment.
  • Simple and elegant.
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